Hello dear FormZ user.

 Thank you for visiting this site. Here you will find models in FormZ format you may use in your projects. Some of this models where created in FormZ from the scratch the other ones where downloaded and converted to FormZ format. Also they where cleaned up and checked to any geometry problems possible. Also parts of them where assigned materials, properly mapped and grouped right way.

 All of the models trouble free as far as I know. However if you find something wrong with any of them feel free to contact me and I will fix it for you.

 Since I use latest (8.6) version of FormZ all models are created or converted in this to this version. If you need some legacy versions you may contact me and I will convert them for you.


For model submitters:

 For those who kindly submitted their models: I will pay you 70% of a price of models between us with exception of tax and processing fee.


Info for copyright owners:

If you consider your copyright is  offended in some manner by placing the models of your designs on my site, please let me know what you want me to do: if you want me models to be removed or any other action taken you would prefer. In this case I would be glad to give users links to your models which are not converted to FormZ format. Or better I`d be glad to expose all the credits you may prefer.


Anton Voloshin,

architect, designer, 3D artist.

Here is what inside:
Here is what insid  (click to image to enlarge):
And a lot more!

© 2016 Anton Voloshin

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